ETS 2 – Renault Premium Edit v2


V2 Additions

Cabin light added (lights up with O key)

Foil inserted (edges are welded from black z-mode)

Air horn (optional)

Some places Reno logo

Sharp chassis

BARON has been added

Some parts: belong to Cenk Güleçyüz

Adding to the game: There are 2 files with scs extension in the downloaded Rar. If one of the cars is the other, it is possible that he does not want to use the horn of the horn. So I made these scsi files in My Documents> Euro Truck Simulator 2> mod folder.

Note1: I added the LED but I deleted it because it caused a problem in the vote.

Note2: The car is locked, I forbid to play tracks.

Note3: I do not think v3 at the moment, I use all the parts that have been removed

There are those who ask for help at Renault Gallery.

All good games ?

Credits: kan Altan


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