Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1200 – 4×2 [1.27]


This is version 1.5 of the G6 – 4 × 2 MB (Toco).
This version is almost complete, lacking only the animations of the wiper and handbrake.
The mod contains:
-50 Skins,
-2 types of sound (O-400 and O-500),
-3 engines,
-4 transmissions,
-1 interior,
– Drive / co-drive,
-2 flywheels (Euro-III / Euro-V),
-3 types of suspension.

Mercedes-Benz Dealer

Modelagem: Erisson Borge, Luis H. Hadrian, Robson Santana, Willian Messias e Mago, Vagner F.A. Coringa, Vagner F.A. Coringa, Aroldo Jr, Vagner F.A. Coringa, Aroldo Jr, Carlos Henrique, ModBus ALH Nordeste.


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