Europe & Africa Map MultiMod 5.5


Changelog v5.5!

• Official Europe & Africa Map v5.4
• Realistic Physics Mod v8.0.1
• Real GoodYear Chrome Tire v1.0
• Small Right Mirror
• New Realistic Camera Mod
• Xenon Light Mod v3.0
• Bridgestone M730 Wheels for Trailer

About the Europe & Africa Map

• The map includes two continents : Europe and Africa.
• Countries in Europe : Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy.
• Countries in Africa : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (there’s even a pyramid)
• In six cities in Africa added railway stations and one ferry to move quickly. However – on the map, they are not. You have to find them.
• In some cities, there is not only the bus station, but the bus stops.
• To move to the previous version of the map to the new replace the old file it ( after removing all the fashion on the profile ) and continue the game.
• Create a new Profile.

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.

Tested Versions: & 1.8.0+
Author: ProMods,TSM,KacaK and Mario

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  1. Να ποιος ήταν ο λόγος που αφαιρέθηκε κάθε λινκ απο τα γνωστά Sites…….

    This is an illegal mod posted without permission from either ProMods or TSM.

    Please remove this link as soon as possible!

    Also credits are not right… You listed the hackers as creators.

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