Frutis MP4 Skin Replica

Truck: Mercedes MP4
Company: Frutis
Country: Bosnia & Hercegovina
-Realistic and high resolution 4K Frutis textures
-Realistic UI Workshop icon
-Including Manifest
-Metalic Skin Option
-Made in coorporation with Frutis
-Works with davidzoli Mercedes MP4 “New Actros plastic parts and more” Mod
-Ready for Combo Pack
-Works on 1.27.x and up!

For Mod requests and questions:
This work is protected by International Interlectual Property copyright laws.
Real life replicas are made under the Creative Commons License.
Alteration is permitted distribution is permitted with indication of
The author and the original link to Sharemods.



Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT Updated v1.4

YouTube preview

Animation and Animation sui sui uk for the Actros and Arocs.
Added the entry “differential_lock_stick_anim”
Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_air_psi” with “indicator_low_air_pressure”
Currently not used entr.
Changed obsolete entries “Button_low_oil_psi” with “indicator_low_oil_pressure”
Chassis for the Actros and Arocs.
Added the entry “air_tank_pressure”
Added Ruttle Plant Skin for Arocs from Gordon Gekko.

Parts for trucks: lights, Bull bars, cockpit, chassis, door handles, door Steps, Engine, front, Top, Mirrors, lighting, Lowgrills, Basic mirrors, Reflection, side mirrors, sun visors, gear Boxes, other accessories. There are two types of Tow bar.
Added to the gallery of trucks.
Additional packages:
Big Stars

WrittenExample, Thunderhawk, D4LYNCHHD


D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 v1.2.0.123 r1.27


Mod adapted to the beta patch 1.27.0.x
Modified pmg-files, restored the health of some old buttons and indicators, fixed by registration of cargo and trailers, as well as other bugs fixed.
Tested on beta patch

Mod does not work on patch 1.26.x and earlier versions of the game.
Installation: the Downloaded file move to folder mod and connect to the Profile with 3 old files
priority from the top down
1. D3S Truck Config Scene 6.0.123
2. D3S Cabin Accessories AddOn 1.0.123
3. D3S Advisor Route Marker 2.0.123 (connection optional)
4. D3S Mercedes-Benz Antos ’12 r1.27

DANZ [D3S DESIGN], dobr4060


Mercedes Benz G Class by Elaman edit Diablo [1.27]


It seems my fix for this module as alpha because it is still far from the ideal model is probably the GTA, converting it Elaman and after many months of it I edited the Diablo or damage so cool model obviously edited the it with the consent of the author Elaman in this amendment I did fix the model because it looked weak in the interior clocks were not legible like things in the interior made lightmask Fixed most of the animation improved collisions sound Bmw x6 HD-Truck standard mod will not be stolen improve it to perfection forbid edit without permission as you reach to other forum, do not forget to include authors !!!!!!!! and the original link to download respect the authors and their time to make modifications

Test 1.27



PWT Truck Skin Pack

PWT Peter Wouters Thermo Truck skinpack :

Only skins for the trucks no trailers !!!

Scania 143m ( by Ekualizer )

– 2 different skins

Scania 4-serie (by RJL)

– ” Old Betty ” only Topline

Scania R & Streamline ( by RJL ) only 6-serie grill except for one skin ,you see that in the shop !

1 yellow-blue Streamline normal and highline (skin by Da Stig and Hounddog )
2 yellow-blue Streamline Topline (skin by Da Stig and Hounddog)
3 ” Stessens ” Streamline all cabs
4 ” Tina ” R only Topline
5 ” Andiprim ” Streamline Topline and Highline
6 R 500 only Highline
7 R only Highline
8 R580 only Highline (Green,White Red skin)

Volvo FH 2013 ( by OHAHA )

– blue bright skin all cabs (incl lightbox)
– ” Andiprim ” (Globbetrotter XL) (incl lightbox)
– only Globbetrotter XL (incl Lightbox )

Importent …..only 1 lightbox is available at the same time so I have made the other ones also and they are in the mod…
open the mod and goto vehicle -truck -Lightboxskins you see the 3 designs
copy the one you want to your desktop
go futher to volvo_fh16_2013 – res
Now you can replace that lightbox with the one on you desktop (just drop the one from the desktop in the mod)

Volvo FH 16 Classic ( by OHAHA )

– Blue skin only Globbetrotter XL (incl Lightbox)

Daf E6 ( by OHAHA – SCS )

– only biggest cab (incl Lightbox)

Mercedes Actros Mp4 (by SCS)

-only biggest cab

Enjoy and have fun ,but please RESPECT THE DOWNLOAD LINK AND GIVE CREDIT if you use my skins !!!

Compatible with all my other skinpacks !!!



b_grill on Iveco Hiway and Mecedes Actros


Mod sets the bar for numbers on Iveco Hiway and Mecedes Actros for ETS 2

▶ Works in MP
▶ You do not have to buy a new tractor, just go in and change the chassis.

▶ In MP, the tractor does not have to be tuned as the modification will fly off!

Subscribe to my group in VK “” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer.

Black Sky


V8 Edition of Mercedes Actros MP3


This mod adds a V8-Sign to the Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4.

-V8-Sign in the back!
-V8-Sound of Scania Streamline
-730hp Engine

Mighty Griffin DLC needed!!!!!!!
Don’t change engine!
If you change the Sign the V8.Singn won’t be shown up again! It’s Away!

You have to buy it in Singleplayer. Then change to MP and have a good drive 🙂


Dieser Mod fügt eine V8-Edition des Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 hinzu.

-V8-Schild an der Rückwand
-V8-Sound des Scania Streamline
-730PS Motor

Das Mighty Griffin DLC wird benötigt!!!!!!!
Den Motor nicht ändern!
Wenn du das Schild hinten änderst, wird es nicht mehr angezeigt und du kannst es nicht mehr auswählen.

Kaufe den LKW im Singleplayer. Wechsle dann in den Multiplayer und hab eine gute Fahrt 🙂