Mercedes Benz SLS AMG


Right and left mirror with mirrored opening and closing with animation
Animated automatic gear knob
Gas, brake pedal animations
Blue Neon lights on the pedal section with the “O” key
Hologram opened with “O” button (shows wind speed information etc.)
Private original SLS AMG cabin with 3 different interiors
Different Neon cabin light for each interior
Original SLS AMG road computer screen
Original SLS AMG brake light
Original SLS AMG RPM bar (light bar with increasing rpm)
Reverse cam (back view)
Cabinet accessories support
Specially tuned engine sounds
Customize.scs file so you can customize the colors of the cab
You can buy it from the Mercedes-Benz gallery.

Compatible Game Version: 1.27.x

FurkanŞEVKE, Kadir YAĞIZ


Mercedes Antos 2 v

– Add 2 variants and 3 looks UK interior (Sorry, speedmeter scale is kph)
– Selectable steering wheel (UK interior only, 2 variants and 3 looks)
– Interior animation based on Actros 2014 v1.27
– Add some parts suitable for UK interior
– Add UK dealership
– Add UK truck browser
– Fix definitions for quick job trucks

DANZ, SCS, VITALIK_PRO100, bobr40, Mondo.N