Mercedes Actros 2014 Team Racing Skin

Mercedes Team Racing skin created for the Merecedes Actros 2014 model. The skin is unlocked at level 10 and works with any configuration of truck although it looks best with the Giga cabin.

The mod was inspired by the Renault Premium Team Racing livery which is a default livery. The skin also contains some brands from real life and some racing brands from Grand Theft Auto which fit the theme and colours.

This is my first mod that I have created so any feedback would be appreciated.



Mercedes Antos ’12 v r1.27.2.9

– adapted to version / адаптировано под версию
– fixed missed pmg-files / изменены (отредактированы) пропущенные ранее pmg-файлы
– expanded range of BDF-cargoes / расширен ассортимент БДФ-грузов
– Increased load capacity of the BDF-tandem / увеличена грузоподъёмность БДФ-тандема
– Removed excess, obsolete and duplicated trailers / удалены лишние, устаревшие и продублированные прицепы
– changed background regular GPS / изменён фон штатного GPS-навигатора
– as well as other bugs fixed / а также исправлены другие мелкие ошибки.

3D model: DANZ [D3S DESIGN] base 3D model: SCS Software [Euro Truck Simulator 2] animation: VITALIK_PRO100, SHAMAN, DANZ [D3S DESIGN] mapping & convert to ETS2: DANZ [D3S DESIGN] engines and transmissions: DANZ [D3S DESIGN] revision [dobr4060]


Mercedes Travego Sound Mod

YouTube preview

All Sounds Changed
Engine Sound: DaimanSW
Contact And Normal Engine Voice GameTurK Sounds To Me Totally True Travegonundur
What has changed in V2?
Genuine Travego Signaling Added
Horn Changed
Some Errors Fixed
Ventil Filling Added (Instead of Turbo)
Suspension voices added (valve sound is heard when suspension is activated)
Retarder Added (Real Retarder)
Installation: Drop the output .scs file from C: Documents / EuroTruckSimulator 2 mod folder
Turkish: Bütün Sesler Değiştirildi
Motor Sesi: DaimanSW
Kontak Ve Normal Motor Sesi GameTurK Bana Ait sesler Tamamen Gercek Travegonundur
V2de neler değişti ?
Gercek Travego Sinyal Sesi Eklendi
Korna Değiştirildi
Bazı Hatalar Fixlendi
Ventil Sesi Eklendi ( Turbo Yerine )
Süspensiyon sesleri eklendi ( süspensiyon calıstığı zaman ventil sesi duyulur )
Retarder Eklendi ( Gercek Retarder Sesi )
Kurulum: Rardan çıkan .scs dosyasını C:Belgeler/EuroTruckSimulator 2mod Klasörüne atınız