Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hi-Way 2012 real specifications


Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hy-Way 2012 real specifications
Author – supric.

Here is real Iveco specifications from Europe dealers.
Fixed complectations – chassis+cabin+engine+transmission.
Specifications taken from real Iveco dealers.

Chassis: fuel tanks, kerb_weight.
Transmission: real ZF models, depends of engine & rear axle, automated
(12AS) & manual (16S), with a real transmission & rear axle ratios.

(Defaults parts still left but hidden in truckshop)

Iveco marking:
AS 440S42 T/P
AS 440S – Active Space 44 tons max.
42 – engine (420 hp).
T/P – chassis (4х2). TX/P – 6×2 with steering middle axle, TZ/P –

ZF marking:
ZF 12AS 1930TD
12AS – 12-gears automated, 16S – 16-gears manual.
19 – max engine torque for this transmission, (1900 N*m)
3 – generation(??? still not sure)
0 – standard, 1 – including retarder (ZF-intarder)
TD – top gear 1.00, can be TO – overdriven top gear (_ 1.00)

Credits : supric

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MAZ 5440E9-520-031


Authors models: Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86. Authors rework:
Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly), MiRoN.
Acknowledgments: Fanis (help). Envelope: by maz_man ™ Wheels:
Bruiser. Sounds: kevintom.

Replace DAF

– Spelled out separately, bought in daf 5 slot.
– Paint 2 cabins.
– Mercedes sounds.
– Compiled by real characteristics: PPC engines, weight

Authors models : Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86
Authors rework: Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly),
Acknowledgments: Fanis (help).
Envelope : by maz_man ™

Wheels: Bruiser
Sounds: kevintom

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Scania Lightbox v1.0


This mod contains a light box for the following trucks:
– Scania Streamline
– Scania RCAB 2009
– Scania R2008 (50keda)
– Scania R700

– Lightbox is fully paintable (PSD-file for Photoshop included)
– Many attachment points on the roof and the upper radiator grille of
the respective Trucks

Credits : maxx2504

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Kenworth W900A + Sound


An update of the sound of my engine 8V-92. All files are new engine
sounds. Led from an original 8 V92. The sound of the engine.
The sound is included in the truck. is an all in one, as usual. (Truck
+ sound)
This truck can be found in a seller Daf. As above has a 760hp engine
and a gear box 18.
Once unzipped, you will see “version5″, but do not worry, it’s really
version 6. Just rename it if you want.

Credits : Kriechbaum

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