Volvo FH16 2012 v 2.9 Reworked

This is a remake of a default Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS Software with tons of new stuff added,
such as new bumpers, sideskirts, roofbars. New engines and transmissions, reworked chassis,
reworked headlights and many more

You can also make own painjobs using provided template.
Custom decals described in decals.txt

Truck replaces default Volvo FH 2012, also trucks in quick jobs are modded, both EU and UK
Showroom models are new aswell

Changes in version 2.9
– engine def tweaks (ad blue consumption, lowered fuel consumption for Euro 6 engines)
– new animations (truck and trailer lift axle indicators, diff lock button and indicator)


– base 3D model: SCS Software – remake and stuff: Джо [Eugene] – wheels: Kamaz, Ventures, Bora, 50keda – hadley horns: 50keda – TIR, ADR, etc.: DANZ aka d3s – Adblue tank, skylights: Jekich1 (Turbosquid) – Dashboard display: Piva – Transmission, gearbox: Knox_xss – Interior Textures: AlexeyP


Volvo NH-12 edit by mjtemdark


This mod adds to ETS2 the standalone Volvo NH-12 2000, thanks to mjtemdark for the hard work over this beast!

Volvo NH-12 has:
> 2 cabins (L & Globetrotter)
> many chassis options (including low chassis)
> realistic engines & transmissions
> 2 standalone interiors
> many accessories
> metallic painting
> own sound (open pipe)
Upgrades by mjtemdark
> New interior animations (liftable axle, differential lock, engine brake);
> Fixed textures & materials;
> Fixed collisions;
> Added missing shadows;
> Models updated & fixed, added missing UV;
> Updated defs;
> Advanced coupling enabled;
> Includes template for skins.
Full credits:
Gabriel Costa (model)
Robert Lima (edition & converting)
mjtemdark (final edition, upgrades & fixes)
PLEASE DON’T REUPLOAD, USE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINKS! Mod working only with v1.27 of the game, you’ll get a game crash on earlier versions.

Robert Lima, mjtemdark

DOWNLOAD 22 MB [Mirror]

Torton_Volvo FH 12/16 I Generation


_1 cabin
_2 chassis
– 4 kinds of bumper
– 6 types of glasses
– 2 types of lower grille
– 2 types of lower-marker lights
– 2 types of points lower dimensional headlights
– 2 types of edging upper grille
– 2 type turn signals
– 2 types of upper grille
– 2 types of pens
– 4 types of the lower wings
– 4 kinds of upper wings
– 6 types of fixed mirrors
– 3 types of front mirrors
– 2 kinds of side mirrors
– 3 types of wipers panel
– 16 species visor
– 2 types of trains lights
– lamp for cab
– 2 kinds of spoilers
– 2 types of strips in the saloon (wood and plastic)
– 4 types of exhaust pipe
– 4 types of rear wing
– 2 types of flooring for the booth
– 48 design options Globe
– 6 types of rights tanks
– 14 species left tanks
– 3 types of Receivers
– 7 types of license plates

_Author:Franck_PERU (adapted, chassis_8x4_torton).

Work on v1.26!

Tovar (Sergey Lunin).


Volvo Kroksta Pack [1.27]

– Standalone
– AO Texture
– Lightmask
– Exclusive Parts and Textures
– Sounds
– Wheels
– Interior
– Interior illumination
– Tuning Parts
– Fixed polygones on tuning parts
– Fixed AO Textures
– Fixed lightmask
– Addapted for 1.27.x Game version

Credits: Jekich1, Fenix, The Devine, Maxim Gerasanko, Danex


Mod makes a black grille for all VOLVO FH 2012 engines for ETS 2

Mod makes a black grille for all VOLVO FH 2012 engines for ETS 2

▶ Works in MP.
▶ One hundred should choose the engine 420 hp, and then the one you need.

▶ In MP, the tractor does not have to be tuned, as the modification will fly off!

Subscribe to my group in VK “” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer.

Black Sky


Volvo FH 2013 v21.16s

YouTube preview

Wheel Fix defintion
and update for v1.27

•This is a standalone version.
• For the DLC skin mod to work, you must have the original DLC skin packs already installed and activated! The mod simply enables them, in your truck service.
•Do not re-upload. Always share using the provided link.
•Always put a link to this topic, for support, if you’re sharing on third party websites.
•This forum is the only place I provide support for this mod.
•A replacement version maintained by Pendragon, is available here.
• When updating from 19.**s to v20.**s, please follow these instructions.

ohaha, SCS Software