SCANIA 143M V2.5

 Scania 143m v2.5

1 punktуw montaїowych adjust to osprzкtu
2 Append all missing № smokers flares
3 Adding the possibilities of painting your tractor №
4 Writing Replica engines installed in this model
5 Append mirrors in three variants
6 Adding mozliwoњci painting kangurуw and lower tubes together with cabins №
7 Usuniкto -sary models tire iron
8 Added Scanie for quick zleceс
9 Those № tractor is an autonomous unit № № № dostкpn in the big living room Scani (7 slot)
10 Adjustment of the price level as the car uїywanego
11 converted and credited the interior in two variants
Append missing № 12 smokers matrixуw
13 Boxes gearshift 10, 12, 12r
14 works № all mirrors
Added 15 points nick is registered
16 Added computer pokіadowy
17 Added four cabins and four chassis
18 raised the basic chassis 4×2
Added 19 months working № gearshift indicator
20 Three ukoсczone Scanie Custom , Maggie and Josephine to buy in czкњciach
21 Added exhale for № cabins as part of the tuning
22 Added a dedicated bottomgrill
23 Added GPS , Camera DVR and Roof Rack
24 Added trunk rack, as indiv № part (only for models Josephine and Maggie )
Posted 25 points on the LED’s on the front cabin ( dostкpne by roofgrill )
26 Added chassis 6X4
№ 27 Wipers collect rain, in terms of its movement
28 Added chassis 6×2 / 4
29 Added chassis 6×6 H
30 markings on the cab in line with an installed version № № engine
31 Added Banner as part № indiv
32 Added mozliwoњж mount candles № smokers napisуw on osіonie przeciwsіonecznej
33 Zwiкkszono ostroњж view mirrors
Added 34 side shields
35 Added klmatyzacjjк Waeco
36 Added elements wyposaїenia insides as Setupуw
37 Added third interior » White Angel »
38 Added colorful interior podњwietlenie
39 Added setups rear oњwietlenia

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Scania T730


Well I think it was time I have give something back to the community
and it’s this I decided to release my T730 and before people start
asking no this is not Pieters work this is my work I have created this
myself with some help on lightmasking from Pieter
So I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did, I left it all open if
you wish to modify it, the credits are as follows for the base i used
which was public in gts

Fchriss SCS Vlasta Anaheim Chudy Ventyres Tomek Peerke145 for the help
with lightmasking and me 1234batonik for making it into a T730 and
converting it over to ETS2

[membersonly]DOWNLOAD[/membersonly] 26.5 MB

Scania 164L v2


Punisher, 50keda, SheryO, Ruskov, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, SCS, Robertas

Here you go guys V2 with interior (ONLY LHD)
Works on v1.8.2.5
For the people that were complaining on the first release, PLEASE READ
2 things so you can make up your mind if you want to download it or
-The interior is not by me, All I did was edit definitions so it works
for my 164 and add AO to it.
-It has 2 main bugs which I cannot fix, one being the wipers work, but
they do not wash away the rain, and the second is that I couldn’t get
the GPS to work so if there are any modders out there willing to fix
these problems and re-release then go ahead and make sure to give
credits. Enjoy!

[membersonly]DOWNLOAD[/membersonly] 55.7 MB