Renault Premium Reworked v 3.8 [Schumi] 1.27


Updated version 3.8
– Fixed bugs
– New animations EU and UK:
– Animation button cruise control
– Animation of an automatic transmission
– Aux lamp switched on

-SCS -Schumi -Author of some textures in the cabin: knox_xss -The author of conflict on the saddle: DANZ -Other authors do not remember


Roofbar add-on for Renault Premium by Obelihnio v 1.01 [1.27.x]

Update 1.01: minor tweaks to steel variant; all variants now use chrome mounting brackets

Mod adds a roof bar fitted to for both Renault premium cabins.

– steel/chrome/paint variant for high cabin
– steel/chrome/paint variant for low cabin
– 10 main slots for lamps/horns etc.
– 7 slots for marker lights
– additional variant for small cabin: 8 main slots, 7 marker slots; compatible with the front roof mirror

Compatible with SCS Renault Premium and other mods following the vanilla definitions


Mod is open to edits for private use.



Renault Premium Reworked v 3.7 [1.27.x]


Version 3.7:
* The mod is adapted to patch version 1.27
* Fixed bugs
* New AO textures
* Reworked animations EU and UK
* Mod replaces the default Renault Premium
* 2 cabins, each cabin has a spoiler: 2 for high and 1 for low
* All chassis
* Added nameplates engines
* Added decals on the side Windows
* 3 front bumper (fully paint, plastic + paint and fully plastic)
* 2 types of front mud flaps
* Completely redone the interior of the EU and partially redone animation EU
* Made real backlit panel and buttons
* Added collision to the seat of the truck for all chassis
* Used textures from the mod Renault Magnum with permission knox_xss

SCS, Schumi, knox_xss, DANZ


Renault Magnum Mack Drivetrain Revision v 1.0.1

Attention: I’m sorry everybody! There were a few bugs that were keeping this mod from working properly for players NOT using “Renault Drivetrain Revision” by Galimim. It is now fixed and working fine with or without that mod, but follow the load order in the description below. Happy trucking!

Renault Magnum Mack Drivetrain Revision

R.J Productions has put together a perfect Mack V8 sound for the Renault Magnum! The sound alone is available at


I did some research and was inspired to use their sounds as a base to create a standalone Mack drivetrain revision for the Magnum, complete with appropriate transmissions. I used R.J Productions’ sound for the E9 V8, and I used the sound from the Mack Pinnacle for ATS by American Pride Modding/Sib3rius Modding for a representation of the E7 L6. It’s available at

In the late ’90’s, the Renault Magnum was offered in Europe with a choice of optional select Mack powertrains. These engines were paired with Eaton Fuller transmissions. You can use this mod to add a late ’90’s-spec Renault/Mack Magnum to your own fleet!

– Compatible with the Renault Magnum by SCS
– Compatible with Renault Magnum Reworked by Knox
– Compatible with Renault Drivetrain Revision by Galimim
– Does not interfere with stock Renault drivetrain options
– Does not replace stock Renault sounds
– Fully standalone

– Adds 3 Mack E7 E-Tech L6 engines with their own sound
– Adds 1 Mack E9 V8 engine with its own sound
– Adds 6 Eaton Fuller transmissions with optional retarder variants

– Engines are accurate as to what was offered in the Magnum at that time
– Engines have accurate specs and torque curves
– Transmissions are period correct, appropriate units
– Transmissions have accurate specs, gear ratios, and gear names
– Eaton Fuller transmissions are available only for Mack engines
– Only appropriate engine/transmission pairings can be selected
– All parts have unique shop icons


Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum – V8 engine sounds
(from the R.J Productions mod)
V2obert, Kriechbaum – L6 engine sounds
(from the Mack Pinnacle mod for ATS)
Florida_Boy – engine definitions, transmission definitions, shop icons, and mod assembly
SCS Software – awesome game, community, and base files

“Renault Magnum Mack E9 Tech V8 Sound” – R.J Productions
“Mack Pinnacle” (for ATS) – American Pride Modding and Sib3rius Modding

THIS MOD – Florida_Boy

Version 1.0.1 (13 Mar 2017)
Tested on ETS2 game version 1.26.2s

I will update for 1.27.x when it’s released from beta.

IMPORTANT! – Mod Load Order:

^^ “Renault Drivetrain Revision” by Galimim (optional)

^^ “Renault Magnum Mack Drivetrain Revision” by Florida_Boy (this mod)

^^ “Renault Magnum Reworked” by Knox (optional)

Have fun and enjoy! 😀

This is a free and unlocked mod for ETS2. If you want to share it elsewhere, you must keep the original download link and maintain the original credits! No reuploads! If you want to change this mod, or incorporate it into another, you must credit all of the contributors!

Yafet Rasta.Jr, Kriechbaum, V2obert, R.J Productions, American Pride Modding, Sib3rius Modding, SCS Software, Florida_Boy


Renault Magnum Integral 390 V.1,1

– Its laytmaska, shadow, collision
– Spelled out in the A / C Renault
– Two interior options (a), the backlight on the letter u
– Present their own rubber (compatible with default drives and new wheel adjustment system)
– Its sounds
– Two cab variants
– Two chassis options
– Plastic and painted parts (grille, bumpers, skirts)
– Many fine tuning
-added support for new wheels
-flag installation
-adding to the orders of agencies



Renault Major v 2.0


The truck is purchased from the Renault dealerships themselves.

– 2 Cabin Types
– 1 single 4×2 chassis
– 3 Motorizations: 380, 430 and 460 Cv
– 2 Gearboxes of 12 speeds
– Customizable interior and compatible with scs accessories dlc
– Customizable metallic paint

Danil Shamshura, Fenix and VladmirWx


Renault Magnum Heavy Transport 6×4, 8×4 & 10×4


Adapted for transportation of overweight truck Renault Magnum 6×2, 6×4, 8×4 & 10×4.
Mods work with patch 1.26

Changes and additions:
– Added real tuning engines:
DXi13 440 Euro5 ECU (523 h.p. 2450 N*m)
DXi13 440 Euro5 ECU M (575 h.p. 2818 N*m)
DXi13 460 Euro5 ECU M (608 h.p. 3220 N*m)
DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU (572 h.p. 2640 N*m)
DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU M (629 h.p. 3036 N*m)
DXi13 500 Euro5 ECU (615 h.p. 3000 N*m)
DXi13 500 Euro5 ECU M (668 h.p. 3450 N*m)
DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU T (582 h.p. 5333 N*m)
– Added real gearbox ATO2612D, ZF 16 S 2230 TD and ZF 16 S 2530 TO
– Added branded headlights “Renault”.
– Added support for all available in version 1.26 DLC (skins);
– Added the skin with a flag of Ukraine and camouflage skins;

Parameters of engines and gearbox correspond to real. Chassis options realistic as far as it allows the game engine.

Maximum trailer weight – 60, 90, 120 and 200 tons.

Patency of the steepest climbs with a maximum mass of trailer:

For version 1.26:
Alexandria “+”, Hebira “+”, Patra “+-“, Calabria “-”

The archive contains a supplement addons to the trailers from Jazzycat which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).

Tested on 1.26
Map: TSM

As in the description of this mod is not a word mentioned about the ban on the changes, as well as the publication of modified versions of this mod, I believe that copyright is not infringed.

Author model: jgut- Adaptation: Vovangt4, Юрий Шитов Parameters engines, gearbox, chassis and tested: Tornado