Scania 164L


Well this my Christmas/Holiday present to you guys and a way of saying
thank you for the MASSIVE support you guys gave to my R2 base and
other mods I have done. I have worked out many of the bugs but there
are still some present. Anyway here it is, hope you guys enjoy it and
please give proper credits which are included in the README which also
contains some other stuff you guys should know. Enjoy!

Punisher, 50keda, SheryO, Ruskov, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, SCS

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Peterbilt 389 + Interior v1.8.2.5



Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts :
Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379,
Colonel, Dylan, Matt,
Wheels: VENTYRES©Ventures87 and Ivan
Covert to ETS2 : dmitry68″ “Stas556″
Sound by Kriechbaum

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Scania Streamline Rework V.01


Scania Streamline Rework V.01 By MSrihardi Tested in V.
Credits :
1. Base by SCS
2. Rework by MSrihardi
3. 6X2 Sideskirt Model by Perkee 145
4. Custom Bottom Grill with Lamps by Christian Balbo
5. Voolstra Skin by MSrihardi

Whats new in this Streamline Version :
– Full painted Grills, Side window, and mirror (Template included)
– V8 Sideskirt to 6X2 and 6X4 Chassis (fix to 6X chassis you can’t
remove it at truck store)
– Custom Mirage Roof grill with extra slots for Lolipop lamps, 4 slots
at cabin roof and 3 slots on grill (only for topline cab)
– Custom Bottom Grill with Lamps by Balbo, ijust edit the def file

Disclaimer :
– You can only use painted mirror for this version
– Maybe the mod isn’t perfect but i did my best

Instalation :
– Put .scs file in mod folder in my documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2

Thanks To :

– God
– Perkee 145
– Dhimas
– Christian Balbo

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Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hi-Way 2012 real specifications


Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hy-Way 2012 real specifications
Author – supric.

Here is real Iveco specifications from Europe dealers.
Fixed complectations – chassis+cabin+engine+transmission.
Specifications taken from real Iveco dealers.

Chassis: fuel tanks, kerb_weight.
Transmission: real ZF models, depends of engine & rear axle, automated
(12AS) & manual (16S), with a real transmission & rear axle ratios.

(Defaults parts still left but hidden in truckshop)

Iveco marking:
AS 440S42 T/P
AS 440S – Active Space 44 tons max.
42 – engine (420 hp).
T/P – chassis (4х2). TX/P – 6×2 with steering middle axle, TZ/P –

ZF marking:
ZF 12AS 1930TD
12AS – 12-gears automated, 16S – 16-gears manual.
19 – max engine torque for this transmission, (1900 N*m)
3 – generation(??? still not sure)
0 – standard, 1 – including retarder (ZF-intarder)
TD – top gear 1.00, can be TO – overdriven top gear (_ 1.00)

Credits : supric

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MAZ 5440E9-520-031


Authors models: Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86. Authors rework:
Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly), MiRoN.
Acknowledgments: Fanis (help). Envelope: by maz_man ™ Wheels:
Bruiser. Sounds: kevintom.

Replace DAF

– Spelled out separately, bought in daf 5 slot.
– Paint 2 cabins.
– Mercedes sounds.
– Compiled by real characteristics: PPC engines, weight

Authors models : Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86
Authors rework: Nik_1MTK (Debugging), Ra1ley (initial assembly),
Acknowledgments: Fanis (help).
Envelope : by maz_man ™

Wheels: Bruiser
Sounds: kevintom

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