Iveco Stralis BDF tandem V14.0


Update v14.0
Latest update give you the Profiliner and Universal trailer +
Profiliner and Universal box to the truck. So now you can choose
between 3 types in boxes and trailers.
New sideskirts which fits both 6×4 and 8×4 better. Also Wheel index
errors has been removed.

Flemming Vinge, SCS, Blender

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Iveco Hi Way BDF Tandem NEW VERSION


– Plates on coolerbox is now skinable
– Lights corrected
– All truck are renamed in model to work with all other mods
– New wheels on trailer
– Old model format updated
– New skin
– Choose now between 6×4 and 8×4
– Many other small updates and corrections

Authors: Flemming Vinge, SCS, Blender

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Iveco Stralis BDF Tandem


This mod work together with almost all mods out there.
Compatible with ETS2 v1.9.x and some older versions.
This is a standalone truck with trailer (BDF tandem) and tandem cargo to haul.
To drive this truck you need to go to a Iveco dealer and upgrade a Iveco Stralis
Select Chassis 8×6 Tandem and select the dot just behind cabin to add the Coolerbox.
You can paint and upgrade the truck with accessories just like all other stock trucks in game.
Sleep once or twice in the game will make you see alot of tandem cargo trailers to haul.
This trailer will let you haul about 22 different cargo types from 18t to 25t.

Authors: Flemming Vinge, SCS, Blender

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Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hi-Way 2012 real specifications


Iveco Stralis 2007 / Hy-Way 2012 real specifications
Author – supric.

Here is real Iveco specifications from Europe dealers.
Fixed complectations – chassis+cabin+engine+transmission.
Specifications taken from real Iveco dealers.

Chassis: fuel tanks, kerb_weight.
Transmission: real ZF models, depends of engine & rear axle, automated
(12AS) & manual (16S), with a real transmission & rear axle ratios.

(Defaults parts still left but hidden in truckshop)

Iveco marking:
AS 440S42 T/P
AS 440S – Active Space 44 tons max.
42 – engine (420 hp).
T/P – chassis (4х2). TX/P – 6×2 with steering middle axle, TZ/P –

ZF marking:
ZF 12AS 1930TD
12AS – 12-gears automated, 16S – 16-gears manual.
19 – max engine torque for this transmission, (1900 N*m)
3 – generation(??? still not sure)
0 – standard, 1 – including retarder (ZF-intarder)
TD – top gear 1.00, can be TO – overdriven top gear (_ 1.00)

Credits : supric

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