Volvo FH16 2012


Ability to perform its own globalization:
Extract from fashion catalog “MTP / textures”, open the file
glob.bmp, follow by. description, and after converting the file and
received his switch the same fashion (the workshop pushpin
‘decals’ element ‘earth’).

if you own the game Volvo (2012), can activate this fashion after
missing car parts, so visit the shop and fill in the missing parts. Do
not report this as a bug.

To select a separate body color and a separate one for items labeled
‘Color’ such as interior shelf, curtains, bedding, etc., select a
paint shop painting ‘Custom color out + in’

Moders Team Poland

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Scania Streamliner John Player Special


Please read first before installing!
To paint sunvisor in the same color go to garage and choose special paint,
meke truck Black (JPS skin) and buy. This has NO effect on the rest of the truck

Full paint modded by Kenneth Mühlbrandt
Sunshield and sideskirts for 6×2/4 modded by Dennis Bülow Pedersen
Skin John Player Special by Freddy Jimmink

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