Driver Sunglasses mod! V1


Tested on version

Hey its another mod by me Moonzee and this one is a bit out off the
odd and its editing your driver to put sunglasses on! This is only v1
So in the next version i will Fix the white bits!

This mod works for Both driver sides (left and right) But in my pic
its UK Side.

Thanks for downloading this mod!
Lovs yo all!
A new mod every week from me now!


Credits : Moonzee

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Winter Mod v3.0

Winter Mod v3.0 December 5, 2013


Version 1.7.1
– More snow on the windows in the rain snow
– New textures roads
– New texture sidewalk
– New wood texture
– New texture hedges
– A lot of new textures in horizon
– Pretty dark (about 20 hours), and then Hell (about 6 hours)
– Vehicles with lights always
– Partially dirty vehicles and trailers in traffic
– Changed street lighting
– Winter tires and dirt particles

Credits : Icemann29

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ETS 2 Update


First, we would like to thank all of you who have already sent us Christmas and New Year competition paint jobs. We will keep accepting your new creations up until December 31.

To answer your question, if you feel like creating even more than just one paint job, you can – it will only increase your winning chances!

Scania Streamline is out now via retail patch and Steam’s automatic update. So everybody can finally experience the Scania truck bringing back the legendary name. We needed a few more days to tweak this update as some minor truck tuning/princing problems were spotted and fixes were required. Having the game on Steam in beta allowed us to quickly iterate through a few release candidates with a lot of eyes on the builds. Thanks to all who were eager to participate!

Note: The retail patch is currently available to download via torrents and a direct link from our server. We would strongly prefer that you to use the torrent, while we are setting up download mirrors. Using our local link is very likely to be much slower, and also quite stressful for our servers.

Have fun!

Author : Viktor Avdejev
Source :

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This mod adds better rain sound effects at exterior and interior of the truck. With this mod for sure you will use the Rain Probability at maximum. You feel like you’re in a truck and outside it’s raining. Also if you use the exterior camera you won’t belive you’re playing a game. The immersion is superb and I don’t say this because I’m the creator of it. Also this mod makes the exterior sound a little louder, but not much, just to make it sound more realistic. Also, since version 1.5 it includes a more realistic effect of the drops on windshield and lateral windows. It’s based on AlterEgos, Awesome Rain mod and with this occasion I want to thank him for discovering the responsible file/lines. Before you jump saying it’s a steal, you need to keep in mind there are different values/effect/end result.

NOTE: What you need to know about this version is that I put a lot of work into it, especialy making the rain sound realistic in the interior of truck, rain drops on the windshield and on the cabin too including a more 3D sound. When you will hear it you will know what I am talking about. Outside sounds are now and more suitable, with
sound of drops falling on the chassis from the cabin, thunders closer and in the distance etc.

Changelog v1.5:
– new visual effect of the rain on the windshield and lateral windows

 Author : nIGhT-SoN