MHAPro EU 1.27 for ETS2 V1.27

Change Log :

ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.27 (Support version with 1.27.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. new city Amiens (F) (back on map)
– company Posped
– company Transinet
– company Europa
– company LKW
– company nos_pat_cf
2. new high around Amiens (F)
3. new big cross to Amiens (F)
4. fixed company TNT – texture
5. new city Žyrardow (PL)
– company TNT
– company BHV
– company car_service
– company McDonalds
6. big update of ALL Models and Prefabs which I use (3 weeks work on that)
– around 320 Models and Prefabs
7. Rebuilt whole map in new 1.27 update after 6 days fight with game
8. pull out all Trameri comapnies in 1.26.5 version
9. put back all Trameri companies in 1.27 version and updated
10. fix many small problems which came with 1.27 update
11. fixed all new updated companies by SCS side
12. new road from company Fastrans in Brion (F)
13. new city Selles-sur-Cher
– company Nord_crown
– boisserie
– bhv
14. Paris
– company Leclerc
15. models fixed
16. more problems fixed on map
17. 15.4.2017 – fixed new problems with parking places in companies
18. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Switzerland border + new gas stations
19. changed roads from Dijon (F) to Lyon (F) + new gas station

Heavy Alex


Tropical Environment v3.7

This mod simulates a tropical environment.

For use with warm climate maps like EAA, PJ Indo, Sumatra etc.
Can also be used with the standard map or other European maps like Promods for a change of scenery.

Key Features
Tropical vegetation and terrain
Tropical weather
Road and sidewalk texture changes
Building changes
Painted kerbs and barriers
Yellow road lines
Other model changes

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.27

If you are using the Realistic Building Lights mod then place it below this mod in Mod Manager.
Tropical Environment is also a weather mod so it is recommended that other weather mods are disabled.

Recommended Mod: Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely.
Tropical Environment should be given a high priority in Mod Manager

Changes in v3.7
Updated for 1.27



RC Map Rebuilding Europe v 4.1 (1.27)

Hello everyone,
We introduce you to version 4.1. An updated version of ALPHA 2 for version 1.27 of ETS 2.
RCMAP 4.x does not need the Viva La France DLC, however it requires DLC North Scandinavian Edition to work properly.
Proven comparability with the Eldorado map and informed to the RBR.

Let’s list of issues:
* Calais: South Coast;
* Calais: Construtora OAS;
* Calais: Mit Log;
* Calais: Oil dock company;
* Calais: Cootravale (Cooperativa RC);
* Calais: TransFavaro;
* Paris: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Paris: distribution center RedeTop;
* Reims: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Dijon: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Bern: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Geneve: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Salzburg: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Strasburg: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Torino: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Venezia: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Venezia: Construtora OAS;
* Verona: Supermercado RedeTop;
* Verona: Mit Log;
* Oslo: Mit Log;
* Rostock: Mit Log;
* Praha: Mit Log;
* Klagenfurt: Lwart;
* Duisburg: Petrobras;
* Added new loads to the game.

Company folders to create new loads:


def/company/galpao_1 = Mit Log / Calais

def/company/galpao_2 = TransFavaro / Calais

def/company/galpao_3 = Cootravale / Calais

def/company/galpao_4 = Mit Log / Verona

def/company/galpao_7 = Mit Log / Rostock

def/company/galpao_10 = Mit Log / Praha

def/company/galpao_13 = Mit Log / Oslo

def/company/lwart_eu = Lwart

def/company/pt_atlantic_eu = Posto Atlantic

def/company/ref_petro_eu = Petrobras

def/company/cd_redtop_eu = CD Rede Top

def/company/construto_eu = OAS Construtora

def/company/d_atlanti_eu = Distribuidora de Combustível Atlantic

def/company/dc_petrol_eu = Companhia de Docas de Petróleo

def/company/ext_madei_eu = Extração de Madeira



DOWNLOAD 318 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 318 MB [Blogspot]

PJ Indo Map v 2.1


Firstly, I’d like to say thank you very much for everyone who play and support my mod. Now I bring you new updates with more quality map and new areas to explore.

Tested on ETS2 version 1.27.x

Changelogs for this version:
– Adapting compatibility game version in 1.27.
– Moving this map to the new position.
– Adding new roads near Kp. Cadar (northern part).
– More enchanted vegetations and new forest area.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.

– Not require all DLC’s Map.
– This mod can be complement by other mods (Promods, Project Balkans, RusMap, TSM Map, ROS, EAA, etc.)
– More information look the readme.

Hope you like and enjoying this mod without any problems. Thank you!

Special thanks to:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Base Game, all map mods that inspire me very much, all of comments & suggestions, and more.

Author: Septian MR

Septian MR

DOWNLOAD 106 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 106 MB [Blogspot]

THE MAP OF HUNGARY V0.9.28A [1.27.X]

Hungary Map v f 0.9.28 [1.27.x]
– 70 cities, the author plans an expansion to 300 cities
– Lots of updates, models and roads
– New prefabs
– Fixed a lot of bugs
– Removed invisible walls
– Full adaptation for patch 1.27.x
Map offline, you must choose the module hungary.mbd
Updated a v 0.9.28 [1.27.x]:
Card is fully adapted to work with v1.27.x,
– Updated all models to the new format,
– Updated the road network in the old parts of the map,
– The old districts got new models and facilities, road junctions and service areas,
– Removed all the invisible walls and other bugs of the previous version.
Test on version 1.27.x

Frank007, Indian56, Retoucher, Gumikacsa, SCS Software, FLD

DOWNLOAD 445 MB part I