Poussias Transports Mod Pack


Poussias Trans Mod Pack!
-POUSSIAS R730 Skin (white black)
-2nd POUSSIAS R730 Skin (white red)
-Poussias Trailer
-Scania R reworked v3 edited by poussias
-Scania roofgrill red
-Scania roofgrill black
-Poussias Paintjobs

Credits : poussias, Dalyborr (for Scania R Reworked)

Source : www.ets2.lt

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Mega Tuning Mod V3


Hello again,this is my Version 3 of Mega Tuning Mod,I have spent hours
of my personal time to make it work,and all I hear from some people is
bad comments.All I wanna say to these people is that if you can do
better,why don’t you do it?I started to make this mod for myself,and
because I’m not selfish I wanted to share with people.I added new
things but it didn’t work,in every version I fix bugs or insert new
mods.But since I hear those comments this will be my last

Greetings : Τάσος Μελισσόπουλος

Realistic Physics



Realistic physics mod,truck has now more grip in the differential and
the trailer axles.Damage transferred from trailer to truck (and
reverse) has been reduced and speed limit has been set to 85KM/H for
realistic driving.

Ένα ωραίο mod του Τάσου Μελισσόπουλου κάνει το φορτηγό να κουνιέται όπως στην πραγματικότητα

Author : Τάσος Μελισσόπουλος

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Realistic Economy and New Trailer Weight V4


V4 Changelog:
-Fixed driver revenue with more accurate values
-Fixed fuel consumption drop
-Fixed player revenue with more accurate values
-Changed truck refund
-Fixed driver maintance cost
-Fixed driver hire cost
-Drivers will always find a cargo

V3 Changelog:
-Garage upgrade cost changed
-Garage productivity plan changed
-Number of trucks to buy online is set to 2
-Driver revenue changed
-Player revenue changed
-25000XP points for parking the trailer-doesn’t really matter,it’s
them who still have levels on the parts
-Interior sound increase
-Bug with Lumber cargo fixed
-New bank loans
-New game starts with 20.000Euro

V2 Changelog:
-Speed limit set to 85KM/H
-Problem with driver’s pay fixed and salary edited
-Revenue per km has been fixed
-Garage productivity plan has been fixed for each garage level
-Truck and trailer damage has been fixed and set more realistic
-Truck offers,are now real offers with some serious discount

V1 First Release

Author : Τάσος Μελισσόπουλος
Πηγή : http://www.ets2.lt

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